I can’t lie, I do love Fridays.  I love the excitement of students who have plans and come into the room jacked up for their trip or party or whatever it is.  Teachers enjoy Fridays as well just simply because it’s never a bad thing to take a break.  Heck, I love to sleep in on a Saturday morning, all though more and more, my internal clock tells me otherwise.  All of those are great reason for Fridays, and why not? It’s what our culture has been trained to do.

However, after diving into social media, Twitter in particular, there’s another reason for it: Follow Fridays.  As I learned the Twitters and all that goes on with it, I kept seeing this #ff hashtag come up.  Finally, my curiousity got the best of me and I tweeted out what exactly that means.  Well, the #ff is the Follow Friday hashtag, and with it come some outstanding people who the original Tweeter thought would be good to pass along to the world.  How cool is that??  I’m not always good with doing this, but I’ve tweeted out Iowans, teachers, podcasters, gardeners, and just awesome people who are on my list.  And again, why not? If they are awesome to me, maybe they’ll be awesome to you too! If not, it’s no harm done!

So, when you see that #ff hashtag, check it out, there may be some great educators to follow.  And if you aren’t on Twitter, why the heck not?? 24/7 professional development that you control!

Why not? 🙂