The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all


January 2014

Darin’s Masters or Darin Goes to Master’s Camp

Before I started this blog, I used "blog" on Facebook.  Not that I did a ton of writing (not like I do now either) I was inspired by a friend's writing and thought "why not?"   This post was done... Continue Reading →

What Will You Do With Your Jellybeans?

Yesterday, we had a staff member receive a piece of heartbreaking news, the type that creates that "life before, life after" type of moment.  She was at school only briefly, but received many hugs, and will receive many more in... Continue Reading →

My #edcampMadWI Experience

Yesterday, I took part in my second EdCamp, EdCampMadWi, or Edcamp Madison, Wisconsin.  These are my themes from the day's events: 1) Choice First, as in all EdCamps, you vote with your feet, which I did. I was in a... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Comes From Crazy Places

"I love that you always inspire me to keep going " Wow, that comment was left after a recent blog post and it just threw me for a loop.  Me?  Inspiring?  Naw, couldn't be me.  I'm just, well, normal.  How... Continue Reading →

Perspective Anyone?

I do enjoy our PLC time because we have a chance to dig into our data, see what we are doing well and what needs to be focused on.  This last Wednesday we did just that, dug into our last... Continue Reading →

It’s All About Focus

Yesterday during our PLC time, we took a look at the data from our most recent MAP tests, drew some conclusions, and worked to refocus our efforts on specific students. As we did this, the conversation drifted towards just that:... Continue Reading →

Trying to Find My Groove Again

*Dusting my blog off* Yup, it's been a while, over a month in fact.  It's not that I've been without ideas, far from it.  It's just been a hard month, period.  My coaching has taken me away from seeing my... Continue Reading →

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