These last few days, I’ve been our church’s laity member to the state Annual Conference.  What does that mean you might ask? Well, I get to come to Des Moines, spend three days at the convention center, and listen to various people talk about various things related to the church’s health, well-being, and then report back to my church about what has gone on.


As people have come up and preached, the teacher in me listens and takes all this in. After a couple of minutes, it was quite clear that our work in the church with trying to find a sustainable path mirrors that of our schools trying to find their way as well.


Phrases like “dream big”, “transformation”, and “ask the big questions” all have been thrown out there, all in ways that church can engage all communities.  These are words and phrases that I see in the #edreform, #IAEdreform, #edchat hashtags when talking about how to transform our own profession.


I appreciate the work that the people here at this conference do trying to make the world better through the ministries that the Church works with and funds.   In the same breath, I appreciate the work that all of you do for your districts, your schools, and each student who’s lives you touch.  We are doing hard work, but good work, needed work for the lives of all students, in a manner of speaking, our own ministry.


Now, I need to pick up my keypad and get back to our conference! 🙂