If you’ve following this blog over the last 18 months, you’ll know I’ve written a lot about change happening. If it wasn’t my job going from being cut and back to myself being employed to whole grade sharing, single section classrooms, a whole lot of stuff.


This year, I’ve been preparing myself mentally for a class of 33 students, trying to picture where my classroom library was going, how I was going to fit another six tables in my room, and how math might look with that large of a class.  I’d even started pulling testing data, looking at where students strengths were and where the areas fell.


Well, I’m looping now with my 5th graders to 6th graders. #5thchat to #6thchat!




I’ve jokingly told people I’ve reached that thresh hold for change and if any more happens, I’ll need a padded room and some nice medication because I’m going to be a babbling fool.  As I say this though, there is a bit of seriousness in it.  I taught 10 years of sixth grade, then moved to fifth grade for the last three.  In those three years, much of what I taught in sixth grade has been pushed down into fifth grade. Yikes! Learning new CC literacy standards as well does not bode well for me either!  It will get done no doubt (probably four different print copies around) but it’s still a daunting task.


The positive of all this: my class. I truly enjoyed this class and am feeling a sense of purpose here because there are a couple of students I just don’t feel I connected with.  I have another year to do this. True, my bag of tricks is going to have to widen out, but that’s ok.  I’ll be in a 1 to 1 environment, something we were basically in last year, but with computers who’s batteries don’t die.  My kids know the routine, they know my expectations, so those first weeks aren’t going to be spent getting that down, we’ll know what it looks like all ready!


All in all, I’m pretty excited about this, but seriously, I’ll put myself in time out if too much more change goes on! 🙂