Yesterday’s blog post was decided grumpy and downtrodden, but I did say to myself that I’d blog today, seeing how I felt about life.


Well, my wife and I went out for supper together to celebrate my last day.  Today, I got to run my daughters to swim practice for the first time.  I’m in a decidedly better mood, but still in that mode of “now what”.


However, I can look around my room and not panic anymore.  Life will go on. This summer, I’ll chase Brown Swiss heifers around, I run a few 5-Ks, I’ll go drink a black and tan while watching one of my favorite band, Gaelic Storm, play at the Iowa Irish Festival in Waterloo, Iowa and chances are, I’ll figure a few things out too about what I’ll be doing next year.  I’ve come to terms a bit with the lack of knowing anything because in many ways, I don’t want to know! 🙂 That may seem the fool’s way out, but in all honesty, I’d rather be in the dark and learn with everyone how the pieces are falling together and they will fall together.


I’m just afraid they’ll fall together the way my youngest daughter used to help them “fall” by pounding on them.  Guess what, square and circle don’t fit together!! Hee hee!


Anyway, I will be spending more time with my writing, running, and really focusing in on the ELA part of the CC.  We’ve spent close to two years focusing on the math portion, and we’ve done well in our own mastery of it. Now, literacy, and for me the harder part, trying to integrate some science and SS into our literacy. Some of you are geniuses in this type of match making, but for me it’s work.  But, it’s good work, work that needs to be done, and early mornings after my wife leaves for work may be spent on the back patio, music in the background, dogs at my feet, working hard on the computer!  Isn’t wi-fi grand? 🙂


Don’t worry about me, I’m ok.  Still wondering, still conflicted, but feeling better about life!