I’ve taken to tweeting out on a hashtag I call #teachersomedays.  I’ll tweet stuff that someday I’d like to see as an educator “someday”.  Last night, before I went to bed, I tweeted out a few, with the last one looking like this:


Someday, I’d like to be able to say “all right stop, collaborate and listen” and not be given blank looks by my students. #teachersomedays


For those of you who are thinking “what is that”, you’ve obviously forgotten the lyrical musing of Vanilla Ice and the song “Ice Ice Baby”.  After I sent that out, I’d shut down and off to dreamland I went. Well, little did I know that there was this big conversation going about this one line of this one hit wonder from 1990.


I’m amazed at the simplest little things that bring out such a wide range of reactions from people you just wouldn’t think Vanilla Ice would have ever been imprinted on them!  Makes me wonder about our students, what little thing are we missing that would bring them in, hook them the way that hook on Ice Ice Baby brings us back again and again?


Anyway, as I’m getting ready to write this today, in my reader is a blog post from Luke Dyer (@dukelyer), with his own experience with Vanilla Ice.  Two different people, difference experience both posting about Vanilla Ice?? What are the chances??


Word to your mother!