And that’s exactly what we did!

Last night, I was fighting the Monday night blahs, and logged on to Twitter to see if there were any chats going on.  As I wasn’t finding any that might fit what I was looking for, I got a reply back from Derek Keenan (@MrDKeenan) which said:

@AnIowaTeacher We could always make one up… How about #EdChat8CST ?


And thus was born the new tweetchat #EdChat8CST! Our topic last night was “Using Social Media to Start Something New in the Classroom”.  And we did what comes naturally on Twitter, we talked.  That hour was filled with teachers bopping in and out, making comments, many of which amazed at the fact that this chat just popped up.  One teacher, Stephanie Bader (@stephbader) made the comment about how she loved the “organic nature to this chat”, which is exactly what many of us liked too.  Many times, I’ll get online and think “drat, I’ve missed that chat again!”


Why not an impromptu chat?  Derek blogged about here and has also has a link to Storify here. It was very much an event that I hope is replicated because that is the true power of Twitter, when educators from all levels can come together over a common subject, share, and leave feeling they’ve had a voice.  It’s what we want for our students and what we should expect for ourselves.  And when it comes in a manner like this, totally unplanned yet satisfying,  that makes it all the better.

Isn’t that the best part of education as a whole? Those “teachable moments” we always talk about with our students are just as important to adult learners too!