Wait, you say, it’s January 4! Aren’t you a little late??  Well, keeping with what makes me unique, I’m a couple of days late.  You’ll see this addressed later, I promise!


I’ve seen people try to keep their personal and professional resolutions separate, and I ask myself: why? 🙂  Honestly, it seems like a lot of work, and in most of our lives, personal and professional things overlap all the time.  Why would I want to keep them apart as they both make me who I am?  Just food for thought for those of you who are a bit obsessive compulsive about things!


Anyway, without further ade, my resolutions for the year:


1) Lose weight.

Yes, how original I know.  The fact is, I’m 41 with an active wife and two active daughters all of whom I want to keep up with.  The other fact, around this time in my own father’s life is when he started having blood pressure issues, and my grandfather began to have some heart issues.  I want to be active until I can’t anymore, and the weight I’m carrying, while not entirely noticeable slows me down.  I’m taking part with a group of runners from another website I frequent in what is called the “Clydesdale Challenge”.  For those of you who don’t know, clydesdale runners are those runners like me: male and considerably overweight.  I’ve ponied up $50 as an entry fee, and if I lose 50 pounds by December 31, I will get that money back with some extra on top.  I think we have ten participants in our challenge, so it’s a fairly good chunk of money involved.  One person asked why about the entry fee, and the organizer responded by saying with a little more cash involved, suddenly the level of commitment increases as well.  So, I’m looking at a target weight of somewhere around 190. Is this too much to lose? I’m not sure as it will equal about to about 20% of my overall weight right now.  If I can get into the high 190’s, low 200’s, I will consider this a monstrous success.


On a side note, if you are one who is tracking calories for whatever reason, check out the app called “myfitnesspal”.  This by far one of the easier and most useful apps I’ve ever used, and that’s saying something because I’m always playing with something new! 🙂


2) Keep blogging.

Yes, again, totally original I know, but again, there’s a method in my madness.  This blog started in August 2011, and only in January of last year did I really begin to write.  As I’ve talked about, I’m no writer, far from it, however this gives me an outlet, a way of just getting some stuff out that I’ve not had before.  True, the writing is not always very good and the topics are far from original, but I always miss this when I take a bit of a break.  So, my goal right now, write at least once a week about whatever.  That’s what I love about this type of writing, I can write about whatever, and it’s quite all right because in the end, it’s my writing.  Plus, I love the connections I’ve made through this blog, and am constantly surprised when people say “oh I read your blog and…..”.  It never fails to amaze me that my writing carries purpose to others.


3) Keep it together.

This one isn’t as cut and dried as the first two.  As I write this, there are things going on here at school that could impact what I’ll be doing next year.  Regardless, I’ve spent a while now worrying about where I’ll be at next year.  My goal is to spend some time working on ways of relaxing my mind, moving it away from things that I have no control over.


4) Keep Tweeting.

That’s just common sense.  The connections made and the relationships that have been developed are things I could have never imagined two years ago when I first took our superintendent’s challenge of exploring this form of social media.   I will keep tweeting, and will return to at least one of the chats I used to participate in: #5thchat #d5chat #teachchat or a new one I’ll be sampling #IAchat!


5) Continue work on reading endorsement.

This is something I began as I worked on my master’s degree. I’m half way through this process, with an online class this spring, and at least one class this summer. My goal right now, work myself to the point where I can apply for a conditional licensure, increasing my knowledge as a literacy teacher and my marketability as an educator.


6) Keep a vacation schedule.

Last year, our vacation time was taken again and again with family, cows, and sporting events.  This year, we are planning on at least one vacation, if not the summer, then for certain during the winter break.  We’ve talked of starting in Charleston, South Carolina and driving the up the coastline visiting family along the way.  Our other option, a “destination vacation” during winter break, some where warm and far away! 🙂


And that’s it! Nothing too complicated, but certainly ways to keep myself involved with my family, friends, and profession.  Thank you for reading as by doing that, you hold me accountable to my goals.