I need to thank the two parents who gave me that quote for the inspiration for this 100th blog entry!  Who knew I had so many words in me, just dying to get out!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blog entry! 🙂

That was the quote as I walked into the building this afternoon.

I’ve taken to coming out here on Sunday afternoons simply because it’s peaceful.  I can crank up my music of choice (today, I was bouncing around the room and running like an antelope with Phish) and just work.  No distractions. No daughters squabling. No “honey can you do this” requests. It’s just working time.

As I walked in, two parents of former students were watching their daughter play basketball, and they just looked at my like I had grown three heads right in front of them.  “Do you come out here every weekend??”  I just smile and nodded as I watched the practice for a bit, wanting to be coaching instead of cleaning papers up!

However, that leads me to ask: is it that usual to find a teacher working at school on a weekend?  I’ve bumped into another one, and know of at least two more who were in the building, so it’s very much a common practice around here.  For all the “oh teachers work so hard” we hear, I just don’t think many realize, yes, we do bring our work home at night, we work on the weekends, we are constantly keeping our eyes open for that next idea to show up, regardless of where it is.

Yes, I do come out here a lot, probably too much.  However, I can imagine doing it any differently either.