It’s another Monday here in Iowa. Whoo hoo!  As I start to write, I think back to Friday night.  Nothing spectacular happened, but my oldest daughter and I got silly watching dumb remixes of videos on YouTube.  One of her favorites is a remake of the terrible song called “Friday” by Rebecca Black.  If you’ve not seen it, take sugary pop music and multiply it by about 100 and you have this video.


Anyway, it got me thinking, you certainly don’t hear any music that celebrates Monday.  In fact, my usual post on Facebook morning morning has a decidedly less than happy tone to it!  But why?  We are the adults, those who kids look up too.  I remember during the summer when my kids were younger, Mondays were to celebrated because we could get up and do things without a ton of people around.  They’d gone back to work! But as time as gone on, my own groans about Mondays are suddenly echoed back to my through those same daughters.


This has been one of my goals throughout this school year, to be more positive coming in on Monday.  I wear my Hawaiian shirts on Mondays, just to change pace, and to let the kids know it’s ok to celebrate this day.  We try to keep things upbeat and light even in the face of much work that needs to be done.  It’s a day where we get to come back together, to talk about the fun things we did, to refocus our learning, and keep our own spirits up.  I know some students dread Mondays because it’s school.  That needs to change! 🙂


Another tradition I’ll be starting today is having students document what they plan on contributing to the world.  We’ve been doing sticky notes a couple of times on the door for the day, but I want to push their thinking, what they are willing to do.  So, today, our board reads they should get sticky, write what their genius contribution will be for the, sign it, and stick it to the door.  We can montier our genius along with holding each other accountable.  And yes, I’ll have one up there too.  My own “genius” (if you want to call it that) needs to be celebrated and held accountable too.


Monday.  A swear word in some places, but it doesn’t need to be.  Come celebrate Monday with me! 🙂