There are those days where I consider shutting down this blog, cutting the Twitter and Facebook and turning my back on social media.

This is an outlet for me, a way that I can express as positively as I can the frustrations I come across, the joys I have, or just the stuff bouncing around in my head.  When I get the feeling that this is being read and not taken in a positive light, that’s when I start to wonder if it’s all worth doing.  My name is out there for this blog, my Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo, Class Dojo, and I’m sure other sites I’ve signed in with and never used.  Facebook is locked down pretty tight, but the rest, the whole world it open to come and view, which is how I want it.  But where is that line drawn about what you “can” write about and what you “should” write about?

I’m not sure I crossed a line with a recent post, but I blinked.  I took it down.  It was hard because those feeling are true and honest, yet, what does that mean?  Do people care what that means?

So, not that there are many people who read the writings of a fifth grade teacher, but I’m not sure how how to move forward.  If I blinked once, does that mean it will become easier?  Does that mean I can’t write about what’s truly on my mind?  If that’s the case, what’s the point?

Conflicted? You might say that.