The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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November 2012

Yes, Your Students Do Need To Blog

I know, I know, another blog about student blogging.   Tough! 🙂   We've talked about blogging, did paper blogs, and finally, FINALLY, got our hands on our KidBlog site last week. We talk about making writing meaningful, we talk... Continue Reading →

Thankful This Season

This season will be very different for me as i look at where I am, where I might be going, and how to create a very new reality. However, it's also a time to sit back and look around and... Continue Reading →

The Circle of Life

I've been a coach for many years now, mainly at the jr. high level.  I was dug back into the sport 10 years ago by a group of girls who as sixth graders, didn't want one of their dad's to... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call

First, I apologize to those three of you who frequent this rambling mess.  My current reality is that my district is in trouble financially and that my job is on the line.  Unfortantly, I've dwelled on this all ready, and... Continue Reading →

And So It Begins

Every since I've started this blog, I've referenced the fact that our district is in trouble budget-wise.  I've long thought that my job would be on the line as well simply because our elementary is the last place to cut.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the Bench is the Great Equalizer

As I've mentioned before, I coach jr. high girls (madness I say, madness!).  It's a passion of mine, something that I look forward to all year long simply because it's another teaching outlet, just on a court.  Last night, I... Continue Reading →

“TINA” meetings

As I've written about many times, we are having a difficult year.  Between the idea of whole grade sharing, watching co-workers pushed into larger class sizes, struggling through the implementation of Common Core, and the uncertainty of the my own job status,... Continue Reading →

My new toy

Yes, I'm a techie dork.   Not especially versed in a ton of technology stuff, but the things I do know, I think I do a pretty good job of.  The one things I've wanted for a while now was... Continue Reading →

A student’s perspective

I may lose my job at the end of this year.  Of course, I'm not sure, but we as a district are in some financial problems.  We've done a good job keeping ahead of it, but over the last couple... Continue Reading →

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