Original thought I know…something to work on as I expand this blogging idea!

We try to do writing prompts on a daily basis. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes, the prompts are terrible, just terrible and I end of teaching more of the prompt then anything else.  Well, as over break I’d love to get a rational laid out for setting blogs for my students, we are doing a little blogging on Edmodo. Nothing grand, but yet, I’m getting better writing out of my students all ready.

Today’s post was “Write how you have mattered to someone in at least four sentences.” Yes, I know, I should put parameters like that on writing, but I also know if I don’t, I’ll get the “how much do I have to write” question seventeen times, so I do it.  Anyway, I had some great answers to this, just wonderful things my students have done at their homes, for friends, neighbors, just a really good prompt for them.  The best answer came from a little girl who finished her prompt by writing:

“If you matter to people, they will matter to you.”

Now, for me, that just made my eyes light up and my smile beam across the room because this is a child who is very much into herself.  I love how sometimes those students slip those little things in there just to see if we are paying attention.  When she read my comment to her, her own eyes lit up and she couldn’t stop smiling.

I love my job! 🙂