This morning I was behind the 8-ball in a bad way.  Between trying to get one sullen teenaged daughter moving, helping my wife around (ACL surgery two weeks ago), and trying to get myself ready, I arrived at school in a rush trying to get myself in a place that wasn’t behind!  As I’m writing the daily message on the board, I get a phone call from a parent. *sigh* At 8:10? “Nothing good can come from this,” I tell myself as I answer the phone.




Something good did come from it.  Last week, we voted as a class whether to pool our present money and doing something more with it, or purchase each other presents.  We’d talked about where the money could go, what it could do, and how if we voted for a “traditional” gift exchange, that was ok too. The vote went towards purchasing presents for each other, however two of my students had other ideas.  They spent the weekend working with their parents going door to door gathering cans. In Iowa, they have a nickel deposit.  This parents wanted to know if the kids could bring in the presents they’d purchased with their can money, presents they are planning on donating to a local charity.




I could not be more proud right now of these two little girls, girls who sometimes struggle with the academic part of school, but for this season, get what it’s all about.


And as an FYI, there will be a webinar about one club’s work with Kiva (microlending) is happening on Wednesday, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. CST. Just another way to get involved.