The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

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January 2012

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I love this quote. I feel like I've spent my life wandering. My teaching career started in Minnesota, then Alaska, Missouri, and finally Iowa.  I've taught kindergarten through seniors in high school on a subjects from shoe tying to the... Continue Reading →

Mindful and playful

Cristina Milos @surreallyno How I want my students to be ? Mindful and playful. That would sum up everything about my teaching. #edchat This tweet from Cristina (@surreallyno) made me sit up straight yesterday morning. I'd just gotten done with a blog... Continue Reading →

The Wall

I've hit it.   It usually happens about this time.  Jr. high basketball is winding down, winter is winding up, and our semester grades have just been turned in.  I step back, take a look around my room and ask... Continue Reading →

Snow day!

It's our first snow day here of the year, and so why not sit down and write? 🙂   I woke up at 5:45 this morning to a little more then a dusting of snow.  I'd left the night before... Continue Reading →


As educators, we deal with this on a daily, hourly, and sometimes minute by minute basis.  However, I'm a coach too.  Apparently I cannot get enough of frustration, so I have two places on my wall where I bang my... Continue Reading →


As we walk down the hallway today, it’s amazing as we smile at people, the smiles we get back.  As we laugh, others laugh and smile with us.  Today, I had a student that just didn’t listen at all, so... Continue Reading →

How do I learn?

This semester, I'm really focusing my students on how they learn.  They move from an elementary setting where they see two teachers for their core subjects to a middle school setting where the number of teachers doubles, and the time... Continue Reading →

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