I still have grades to do, so I’m going to make this brief today.

We started back to school with professional development (no kids), and I’m not sure how I feel right now. We’ll have new classes for our exploratories, so six new class there, along with my social studies groups. I’m tired just thinking about it, but it’s fine.

The afternoon I spend at the high school doing CPR training. I checked when this time was, and found it smack in the middle of my work time for grades. I was going to get really bitchy when the play happened on Monday Night Football. I went to the CRP training with an entirely different mindset.

Then, after school, we made a three-hour dash south to drop off our daughter back in Ames. My wife had run down yesterday to pick her up as she had a dentist appointment today. The weather was predicted to be awful last night, so they were back by 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon in front of the freezing rain. We anticipated a bunch of ice, and while there was some, it melted away pretty quickly in the morning. There was talk of more freezing rain/wintery mix, so we go started as soon as we could. We made it to Ames in record time, dropped her off, pet her dog, Happy (a big black lab who is just, well, happy), and got back on the road. We drop through fog, drizzle, and a little bit of rain, and that was it.

We got home at a relatively decent time, so I got on the treadmill to get my 30 minutes of activity in (another health challenge), took a shower, will get this posted just in the nick of time, then finish up grades for the end of the quarter.

I’ll have my one little word next week or during a blog this week. It’s nothing special, but something I need right now.

Just wanted to wish everyone the most special 2023. I’m hoping for something, anything, to keep me moving forward.