Just a quick slice today.

We talk a lot about decompressing at educators. Here’s my decompression for the day.

We got up late, had coffee and more Christmas leftovers.

We questioned ourselves and the plan for today.

My wife found a plan on Facebook, free cross country skiing at a local park.

I got the snowblower out to clean off the driveway from the last snow event.

We went to said ski event and had a lot of fun together. It’s been years since I skied and will probably write about it tomorrow. Lots of good memories.

We ended up grocery shopping and in Wal-Mart because, why not?

Stopped a local cider house for a drink and grill cheese. As i get older, the value of a good grilled cheese grows.

Then home for more Christmas leftovers.

My wife is reading book 9 in the Outlander series, so I watched “Andor” on Disney+ (highly recommended!).

The only issue today: I started thinking about school. It was not a good feel in my soul, which made me both anxious and sad.

Next, what to do tomorrow? Will we find something else free today? Tune in to find out.