First, my categories are a mess. I’m sorry about that and with some many blogs, I’m not sure how to fix this problem. Monday’s used to be muddling, but now they are musing. A more positive word for sure, but again, without going back through 10 years of writing, I don’t know how to change them all. However, the number of people going through those 10 years is quite possibly zero, so we’ll just go with it. Thank you for this time to vent! 🙂 Now, on with our writing!

I’ve written a couple of different times, joy is hard right now. For the most wonderful time of the year, it’s been a struggle.


Yes, but, I’m figuring things out. No, I’m not just suddenly well. I don’t think that will happen for a while. I know I should be grateful for many things (both obvious and not so much) and I know that being grateful leads to more joy.

But it’s hard.

One of my issues, I take ALL of my teaching problems to heart. Now, I’d not be a good teacher if I didn’t look at myself and think, “You can do better.” But lately, it’s about everything in my life, and that’s not fair. The feeling of inadequacy is hard to push out when you feel like you are doing everything wrong.

In my last blog, I wrote about exercise. This is the first year that I’ve felt my lack of movement has really affected me, but it has. I’ve been tired, lethargic, and am gaining weight. One podcast I listen to is from one of the Washed Up Walkons titled “Snapped”. In a recent episode, he talks about why we are waiting to make changes, why aren’t they happening right now? Get up and get going. He pulled out some stat about people who don’t wait for January 1st are usually more likely to keep their healthy habits. I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that I need to start moving again.


I agree. Basketball is done next Monday. The treadmill gets warmed up on Tuesday. I know my eating habits will suffer, but I’m already looking forward to working to find that balance of “that’s delicious” and “hey, that’s not good for you” that I’ve lost during the school year.

As we “wrapped” up our Christmas shopping today, it hard to imagine that a week from tomorrow the big day. Our Christmas break is SO needed this year. It’s been a difficult school year for sure. I’m on TikTok watcher, not a creator (no one wants to see my videos) and it’s hard to watch teacher after teacher talk about how they are May tired in December. Education as a whole needs an overhaul, but as we are, we are tired, burnout, and ready for something new. Nothing you’ve not heard before, but it’s in our house too.

And with that, we are done! 🙂


Nope! This has been a good venting session. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Tomorrow is a week from Christmas. What’s on your list? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂