I’ve seen a couple of different bloggers do this, write about what they’ve learned at the end of a month. While I may not be able to do this every month (you know, forgetful Phil here), I’d like to give it a shot.



So, here we go: What I learned about myself in November.

  1. I need exercise for multiple reasons. With basketball starting, my day starts between 7:30 – 7:45 AM and ends at 5:45 PM. I used to be able to get up to work out, but not much anymore. As I’m coaching, after-school/late afternoons suck as well, so my exercise routine got screwed up big time. How can I feel this? Added weight for starters. It’s only a 2 – 4 pounds gain, but it’s there. My mood is absolute garbage and my get up and go has got up and went. My sleep patterns suck without self-medication (thank you Washup Walkon and your CBD connections) and my lack of focus is appalling! I need to find the time to take care of myself
  2. My basketball shot sucks (you didn’t expect me to be totally serious here did you??). At the beginning of the year, I signed up for a 10,000 push-up challenge. I was freaking killing it then, just stopped. I’m not sure why, but my totals on the spreadsheet just when to 0. I injured my elbow this summer through overuse in the garden (tendonitis from yanking out weeds) which didn’t help, I restarted in the middle of August and haven’t missed more than two days in a row since that time. I’m going to be down about 2,200 pushups in December, about 70 a day. I can do that. However, it has messed with my shot BIG time. My team mocks my constant misses and they should!
  3. I need my sleep. I’ve bumped getting to bed time back about an hour, and while I’m still so tired, it’s not as bad. There are times where I just get busy and go to bed late, but those are becoming fewer and farther between. 6-7 hours feels good right now. If I can get my fitness back in shape, that helps too, but right now, 9-10 PM is helping my mental health a little bit.

And every little bit helps!

So, what have you learning in November? I’d love to see in the comments! I’ll see you in December! 🙂

A bonus one: I love to write. It feels good to get words on the screen, to hear the sounds of a fingers on a keyboard, and to just see a finished product posted. No, it’s never going to win awards, but it makes me feel like I matter in a small way.

So, thank you for reading, commenting, or forwarding my work along. It means a lot to me!