These are the two troublemakers in our house since our daughters have flown the nest.

Opal, on the right, is our “typical” Siamese. She’s loud, obnoxious, is constantly in our face, and will bring us her “kill” on a nightly basis, her kill being any number of toys that we have scattered around the house. She was adopted in 2020 after we decided that Mozzie needed a friend.

Mozzie is an atypical Siamese. He is about as chill of a Siamese that we could have gotten. He’s got a tiny little voice that he’ll use when hungry or he wants to play, but not much else. Where Opal howls when we pick her up, Mozzie is quite all right with it. He’s our lap cat, climbing up and cozying in regardless of what we are doing. On your computer, there is space there for me too. Reading a bit, I’ll just scoot right in here. He’ll find a place to sit on you, period. Plus, he’s our resident bed hog too. On any given night, I’ll get about 1/10 of the bed, my wife 1/2, and Mozzie right about 4/10 (or 2/5 for those of you who like the lowest terms).

They are our “fur babies” or “grand cats”, but they do bring us joy in our lives. Next summer, the challenge, bringing them with them on our camping adventure.

Yeah, that will be a blast!