A few things happened over this past week that has got me thinking about my health and goals:

1. A month ago, we get an email from my dad, talking about dad stuff, then he slips in that he fell backward on steps and landed pretty hard on his back, smacking his head. He’s of the age where this is concerning, but we’ve seen them a couple of times and nothing was mentioned. Until Wednesday. He emails that they took a trip to the ER because he had pain at his incision site (he had triple bypass surgery 20 years ago, another thing to look forward to) and his heart rate was elevated. The ER staff did all the usual things (EKG, chest x-ray, CT scan) and the line of questioning came around to “have you fallen recently”. Well, apparently the fall cracked four ribs!


I know, right?? Well, the ribs have put pressure on his chest cavity, limited his breathing, and so he’s got some “deep breathing” exercises to do, along with something to help expand his lungs fully to get them back in shape.

2. My daughter who is still in college messaged me in tears, somehow, she’d managed to connect her current school calendar at Iowa State to an old account and the University of Iowa where she went to school. When she disconnected the Iowa account, it was shut down permentatly and she lost four weeks worth of information off her Iowa State calendar.


I talked her off the ledge with that which led to other topics, including her ex-boyfriend. They were very serious up until this past January when she found out about some pretty big violations of trust, which led to them breaking up. She figured he’d reach out as they had been serious, and work to regain trust, which he has not. She mentioned that he was getting a tattoo design that they’d looked at getting together and it was not cool, not cool at all (which I wholeheartedly agreed with).

3. We got a message from our other daughter Saturday, asking if we could meet via video chat the next day. Her boyfriend has been traveling lately with work, so we assumed that they were moving, again. He’s been going to New York, so we were a bit worried this is where they were going on the next great adventure. Nope. Nothing like that at all. After some small talk, a real long pause, she looks in to the camera and says, “So we are engaged.”


Yup, it happened on the High Trestle Trail Bridge. They’d ridden up to see the lights and as she was taking in the sight, he dropped to one knee, and there it happened!


Yes, yes, yes, we are all in love! 🙂

So, how does this have to deal with my health? My dad had open heart surgery relatively “young” in life (or that’s what the nurses told him) and I have the same crappy genes that he does. I’m working to be more healthy, but this school year sucking me dry and it’s only September. 200 pounds is a pretty good goal and it’s very doable if I get my head back on straight again. Being at that level will defiantly help my heart and continue to improve my quality of life.

I’ve made that promise to myself that at 199, I’d get a tattoo. With my college daughter seeing her ex (via some stupid social media) getting that one, it’s become my goal to reach that weight and do something together. My wife thinks this is not so smart, but when, over history, did husbands listen to their wives? 😉


And finally, no one likes the chunky father of the bride, so while their wedding probably won’t happen anytime soon, finding that ideal weight and maintaining it is now a goal. That 199 is certainly attainable with some effort on my part. However, it cannot be just a one and done, it’s has to be life style change, which again, if my head is on straight is not that hard to get back to.

So, where’s your head these days? What goals do you have going forward? While these aren’t lofty goals by any means, they are ones that require some work, some thinking, and just being able to focus.

Happy Tuesday! I hope your goals are reached and I hope you find yourself in a good place today! ❤