Yesterday, I felt old, like “look the world is passing you by” old.

We are in Des Monies for three nights as my wife is writing online curriculum for the state of Iowa. It’s a pretty sweet gig, she’s getting training and resources, plus getting paid for her time. I won’t argue about the work she’s doing because it will make her a better teacher and it’s not volunteering her hours the way she (and every other teacher in America) does every night after school.

But I digress.


Yes! So, we are driving down, get to our hotel and decide to try a burger place that is well known in Des Moines. I won’t name them specifically, but it’s a scary place because they like brains.


We get to the restaurant and there’s seated dining with someone taking your order OR you can order at the counter OR you can order at the kiosk. Holy sh*t. Then, the menus are either on a QR code or up on the screen in font size “Tiny”. So we struggle with the phone, struggle with the order (we wanted tap beer, but couldn’t because we didn’t have the sit down option), and finally get outside and find a seat. A little league baseball team is causing chaos with the parents just blissfully ignoring most of their behaviors. Our order comes up and when it gets to us, mine is wrong, not a bad mistake, but a mistake none the less and the burgers aren’t real warm. All in all, a meh experience. I was so looking forward to this place and now, I won’t go back and I just felt like an old many on top of it.

We’d stopped in to see my parents on the way down, dropping off some plants for my mom, and we talked a bit about how the world keeps moving faster and faster. They are of a generation where electricity was something new to their family places when they were kids.

Us, menus on phones and scammers spoofing websites are the changes we are fighting through. Each generation has it’s moments where they look at the younger generation and think “WTH”. I think we had ours yesterday. I’m just hoping can keep up a few more years. I’m not ready to be old yet. I guess that’s why I was on the treadmill and working with the weights this morning, to keep myself as young as possible.

Because once you feel old, it just happens. And I’m not ready for that.