Three things for today since it got late on me:

The Good: Kids were silly today and it was just fine by me. Sometimes, you have to laugh with them rather than get on their case. They looked happy to see me smiling and responded well to redirections when they got too goofy. I walked almost three miles on the treadmill, which doesn’t seem like much but it was much needed.

The Bad: Our governor told reporters that our educational system was partially to blame for a school shooting last week. No thought for the family. No visit to the school. Just a continued disdain for public education that those who work their asses off to do good for our students. It’s depressing to always be embarrassed by where you live, but it seems that’s what we Iowans are tasked with doing right now.

The Ugly: We have students that are dealing with things unheard of when I was a student or even a young adult. They come to school angry, depressed, anxious, and need a place where they can just be. It seems like we’ve lost our way as an educational system when we don’t give them that place, but yet, when do we start looking outside our schools and say, “Where are the parents?” I saw firsthand how teachers in Iowa have very little voice inside our schools. For all the “we need you” that we hear, our voices have been taken away. That was an ugly thing to see.

Just a little reflection on the day.

Happy Wednesday.