We typically get ourselves going at about 5:30 AM. I get coffee for us, make breakfast, then get myself sent out by 6:30ish so she can get a good start to her day at school. I try to leave by 7:15 most days, but there are days where I get distracted and today was one of those days. I just was moving slowly.

And then, at 7:10, I remembered, I had a staff meeting at 7:30.


So, after a quick run outside to do chores, I was in the truck, driving the speed limit to school.


At our meeting, we were reminded that teachers are held to a higher standard on social media and that we needed to watch what we posted.


Now, this is not a dis on anyone involved in the conversation. Yes, there are teachers who have posted truly inappropriate stuff. However, that involved literally no one in our building.

Now, as a person, I get pretty snarky online. I tweet at our state Republican party, our governor, and anyone else who believes that books should be banned, that discrimination should be written into Iowa Code, that public money should be spent send rich kids to private school (vouchers = the new segragation), or any other of a giant laundry list of things. My wife has told me before she wonders why I don’t get in trouble. Honestly, sometimes I wonder that myself.

However, I get SO TIRED of the “teachers have to better than that”. I’ve lived my life being better than that. I’m a rule follower. I do what I’m asked to do. And I’m 50 and wonder, what have I missed out on because of this behavior?

Teachers are people too. We drink. Some of us (not me) smoke. Some of us curse. We. Are. Human. And to deny that is setting people up for trouble. Should I get in trouble because I posted a picture of the wicked awesome Irish cream that we bought last week (if you know Bailey’s Irish Cream, think smoother with a better taste). Should I get in trouble because I post a picture of us at bar?


Hush. Of course not! When my students as if I drink, I tell them I’m 50. That always stuns them for a moment, then we move on.

My point is, when did living your best life, a life of joy, happiness, and just plain fun suddenly become a problem?

Again, I’m not saying teachers should lower themselves to the least common demoninator because I’ve seen some cringy stuff out there.

However, I don’t think teachers should shy away from being who they are. Plus, as connected educators, there’s SO MUCH stuff we can find, explore, and simply share with our students. Much of that comes from, you guessed it, social media! So, you can’t have the “be Amish” and the “be the best teacher you can” at the same time (please note sarcasm there).

Maybe that’s just me.

However, if you come across my Twitter feeds (@aniowateacher or @aniowacoach), you might find me complaining about refs, Republicans, or just life in general.

But sometimes, you’ll find that positive note.

We are who we are and I’m a proud teacher, husband and parent. Please, general public, don’t hold it against me! 🙂