I have an enormous amount of bookmarks on my computer. I’ve taught fifth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade in my time here and multiple subject areas at that. I’ve got things in many categories, but there’s just so much stuff!

So, I decided to start going through these, just to weed out sites that were out of date, sites I didn’t teach, or sites that were no longer in existence.

NOTE: I came across this saved page from Reddit, from the comic, Calvin and Hobbes, which I had saved a long time ago. It’s about Calvin as an older man, knowing he’s about to pass on, having his final conversation with Hobbes. It’s been a rough week for me and I tend to keep everything inside. Wow, did flood gates open. Do not read until you have tissues handy.


Oh, I know and I’m ok with this too. But, this is one of the sites I saved using the Google Chrome extension OneTab. Don’t get me wrong, I love OneTab. I am that guy who has 32 tabs open RIGHT NOW, so my computer gets all laggy and the battery dies and no one is happy! And along comes OneTab, that allows me to take a window full of tabs, condense them down to title and weblink, and boom, computer is running much better!


This is all well and good until you start collecting OneTab links. What is this? The extension has the ability to your page full of tabs and condense them, THEN, you can export the whole thing as a link. Good grief.

As I stated above, I have links from my time in 5th grade, 8th grade, and now 6th grade. I’ve found links relating back to math, science, social studies, literacy, writing, basketball, and social emotional learning (before SEL was cool)! There are blogs that haven’t been updated in years, broken links, and links that I’m sad they are gone because they served a purpose a long time ago.


Hush. I will say this, the thrill of deleting link after link is both a blessing and curse. I’ve got so many resources that they need to be culled, no doubt. I always hate doing it because of the “what if” factor. I’m to the point where I expect to be moved each year because it’s happened so much in the past few years. I am a tab hoarder, so why would I delete things if I’m going to be teaching them again?

One of the positives of being a hoarder, I can share things, a lot of things, with other teachers and educators. Much of my collection comes from Twitter, the ultimate sharing platform. Back in the day (5 years ago 🙄), Twitter chats were all the rage and inside of those chats, so many resources were shared. Many of those were tucked into folders, then OneTab, then chaos! 🙂

So, if you are OneTab user, do you save many links? Do you export them out so you don’t lose them?

And if you aren’t a hoarder, how do you even function??


Good answer!