I find it interesting that once you start sharing a little positive energy, suddenly, you start seeing it all around you.


I’m on TikTok, but don’t make them. However, I will laugh until I cry watching things that are posted there. I’ve learned about “bones” and “no bones”. I’ve gone on amazing adventures, not always by choice. I’ve heard SO MANY dad jokes. Heck, I’ve learned to play a game called “wack/f*ck”. I am floored by the creativity and excellence that I see on that app, along with the icky side as well. So many right-wing, homophobic, racist, sexist, and just nasty things are said, with people liking that content. I’ve never found myself on that side of the app much, and thankfully so.


Stop it.

This morning, as I was getting ready, I stumbled over this:


#mentalhealthawareness #studywithme #youreawesome “Don’t waste a minute of your life!” Respect & Credit: @dailystoic 🙏🏼

♬ original sound – Rich B

Rich talks about another man watching a mom and daughter on a train and how the daughter makes that statement that she wishes the train ride was done.

The mom then says, “Never wish away a minute of your life.”


How many times have we wished for the traffic to disappear, that phone call to go away, the weather to change, whatever it may be? How often have we wished away seconds, minutes, hours, days, or years of our lives? How often to do we wish that time would go faster??


We deal with crap every day. Whether it’s someone taking your pictures off Facebook, making signs out of them, then using them on your birthday (wow, that was strangely specific) or the person who cut you off on the highway or the obnoxious person being an ass in a public place, every day has that danger of being a crap show. And we waste so much time with our emotional involvement in that kind of stuff.

However, there’s SO MUCH more to look forward to:

  • Fresh snow
  • Christmas carols
  • spring flowers
  • cholocate chip cookies
  • a warm kitty on your lap

And the list goes on and on. When there is an enormous amount of good in the world, how do we keep ourselves from being drawn in? The best idea I have, walk away. If a conversation starts going south, I excuse myself from it. It helps me keep myself sane. It helps keep me on an even keel, but most of all, it helps me to continue to make that attempt to be the person I want to be. Teaching is hard. Parenting adults, both young and old, is hard. Marriage is hard. If we waste time with trivial things, how will we find the time for the good stuff?

Now, this isn’t to say that I’m able to do this all the time, but if we are talking about wasting our time, I do try to keep that to a minimum. I may not be the best role model, but I can do better, every day.

I love the way this TikTok ends: “You’re awesome!” And if you’ve made it this far, you are awesome. Thank you for stopping by for the read, and keep moving forward.

And if you’ve got any advice on what TikTok should be my first, I’m all ears. Why wouldn’t I do something like this? The worst thing that can happen is my face gets put on another sign, right??