• Last week, we got six inches of snow, a virtual learning day, and a shock to our system. Today, no snow on the ground, the grass is greening up, and we discovered two new calves in the pasture next to our land. Spring is here!
  • AC/DC has a “new” album (in December) that simply rocks. My wife cannot stand this band (we love many of the same things, but our tastes in music do not match at all), but to me, it’s just a throwback to a simpler time. This group of songs sounds like the 1980s and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that, not one.


  • Today, Iowa lost their second round NCAA game, and I’m sad. Luka Garza played his last game as a Hawkeye and while he’s got a long career ahead of him in the NBA or overseas, I was not ready to say good-bye. He’s been a joy to watch get better over the past four years, and while I admire his skills, the person is worth far more than the player. He’s humble and deflects success to those around him. As he walked off the court for the last time as a Hawkeye, the tears were real, both from him and from many fans (damn dust in the room). He’s what a Hawkeye is all about and he left the program in much better shape than it was when he came to Iowa City.
  • It’s too bad there is that vocal minority of fans who just plain suck. They were tweeting AT players after the game, jumping off the bandwagon. Tiny little…..brains…..at work with many of those fools. Can’t we just appreciate what we were given during a pandemic and move forward??

#tinybrains #HA

  • Speaking of Iowa City, we’ll be there two week and five days from now. My second vaccine is on Friday. I’m not looking forward to the crappy reaction, in two weeks, we are on the move, period. Iowa City, Ames, North Liberty, and Waterloo are all points of destination.
  • Friday is also the last day of the quarter. One more quarter. One more.
  • We have districts starting to pull their mask mandates for their school. I just can’t with this kind of thinking right now. That’s the same kind of “hey we recommend you keep your social distance at spring break” kind of thinking that the rest of the world is shaking their heads at right now. I’m guessing I’ll be the mask wearer in our school because the conservative “it’s only the flu” vibe is very strong in our district.
  • I’m planning on a TINA meeting that next weekend. All I ask is if you’ve not been vaccinate for whatever reason, put your mask on when you enter my home. Otherwise, all are welcome!
  • Runners/walkers: I need suggestion on new headphones. I have a very nice wired pair, but am looking for recommendations for wireless. I have an Android (and wouldn’t spend they money for Airpods anyway), so any and all suggestions are welcome.
  • This feels good, just writing. I think sometimes during this time, we pressure ourself to “find something great” everyday. Somedays, it’s about the regular day.
  • I’ll leave with this: today, I was told I was the worst teacher in the school, I was called a “liberal”, and I was handed a note saying I rock. This class is physically exhausting, but they are an awesome group that I’m happy to be teaching (in person) right now!