We’ll start this out by saying I know nothing about wrestling.

I didn’t wrestle in elementary, middle, or high school. We live in an area where wrestling in big time, and honestly, I don’t see it. I love basketball, football, cross country, swimming, but never got the draw to wrestling. Yes, I’m an Iowan. I grew up with Dan Gable and Hawkeye wrestling being a powerhouse. It was the glory years of wrestling in the United States.

As time has gone by, wrestling programs have been cut because of low numbers in other states, but no here. If anything fans are more rabid about their wrestlers. I suppose if I had sons, we’d have more of a clue. Heck, we have a girls’ wrestling team now, so maybe my daughters would have….no, probably not! 🙂

Anyway, last night, Iowa won a team national championship. The guy below wrestled himself into a third NCAA championship, but did it in quite amazing fashion:

Yes, you heard and read that right. He has not one, but TWO torn ACLs. He’s wrestling on some seriously wonky knees but STILL won a national championship.

These are his stats for the tournament. As it looks to the uneducated me, these are pretty dang good.

The interview that he gave after his match made me want to run through a brick wall because, “F excuses,” he said!

It’s been a pretty good day today, and this, this just made it better. Seeing an athlete simply say, hey, I did this and it was hard, but it happened, made me just wonder, what DOES hold us back? Is it fear? Embarrassment? Lack of motivation? Simply not knowing the next step?

For me? Yes. They all hold a certain place in keeping me back. The question? Why? Why would fear need to hold me back? Why would not knowing hold me back? Those are the million dollar questions and if I knew the answers, I’d be getting paid a lot more! 🙂

Anyway, going into next week, goals are to get moving again, keep doing push ups, getting caught up with grading, and finally, get myself prepped for my second vaccine on Friday.

What about you? What’s holding you back? What are you going to do to get over that hump?

Nope, never going to wrestle, but I can draw from that sense of “damn” and keep pushing to make myself better!

Because why not?