I’ve struggled with consistency my whole life. Whether it be with the friends that I had or didn’t have, with my own grades in high school or college, relationships, school, family, whatever, I’ve struggled.


I struggle with being consistent with my weight. Right now, I’d love to be 20 pounds lighter. But I love jelly beans. I’d love to feel less stress in my job. Jelly beans give me less stress so let’s eat a bag! That kind of nonsense happens ALL THE TIME in my brain!

And how to you regulate that kind of thing? I’m always HATED the phone. Cold calling someone that I don’t know makes my skin crawl. You’d think calling someone I know would be better? Nope. Still makes me really nervous until the phone is answered we start talking.


Grades? How about a D my last semester of high school because I made the track coach mad as I didn’t go out for track?? Or almost having to retake a freakin’ “teaching elementary art” class because I was such a sh*tty artist!

We are our own worst critics, we all know that to be facts. The running joke of 30 viewers makes me smile because I can hear the eye rolls from people who frequent the Slice of Life (hey, it’s up from just my mom and a couple of other readers, so I’m making progress). I don’t feel real consistent with my teaching right now, which I blame some on the pandemic, but also on myself not being consistent with how I run things. Masks make a difference and when my mic went down today, I had to really project, and was really tired by the end of the day.

Running? No plan. Weight? Same thing.

So how does this get solved? I love to leave my blog with that taste of the positive, but right now I’m not sure. Something can be corrected with a little more effort, but that can be said of almost anything. Heck, teaching right now, “Just give a little bit more,” seems to be the mantra that we as educators here a lot!

The biggest thing: Organization. Writing things down. Keeping that “what’s next” list handy and in a place where it won’t get lost in the shuffle. I’m doing the 10,000 Push Up Challenge by @TeachersOnFire which offers a spreadsheet of each person’s daily count. Personally accountability, a must have. I know i’m not running as much as I need to because of that personal accountability. My goal for this month is 30 miles, not a huge goal, but a goal all the same, considering my current fitness level (round).

School, I need to find my planner and write things down. Period. I have to have ways of holding myself accountable to the school things that need to be done. My notebooks are floating around. Perhaps repurposing them into some accountability pieces wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Consistency. It’s hard. It’s not for the faint at heart. Yet, it is much needed to be the person you want to be. So, what are you doing to be consistent? I’d love to hear about it.

Me? I’m going to do pushups and get some miles in before bed!