First, happy Friday. Celebrate you’ve make it another week in this crazy time! We need to find the time to keep our spirits up, so good on you for getting up. and making it happen!

Today, I struggled with what to write. When I made a list of possible topics, there were not many positive ones, not many at all. And honestly, one can only dwell for so long on the fact our infection rate continues to go up, yet, I’m seeing 80+ students on a daily basis.


So I started having a look on Twitter as Facebook is a giant demonstration with people yelling back and forth at each other. Disclaimer, I may provoke some of that behavior, every once and a while, but that’s not the point. 😉


Twitter is just as much of a dumpster fire, but many of the people I “know” are those I will never meet in real life. Beth Malicki (@BethMalicki) is one of those people. She’s a news anchor for the ABC affiliate in Cedar Rapids for a bunch of years now, and for whatever reason, our paths crossed on Twitter. I’ve found her tweets to be very much like her news reporting: real and the point. I will never forget coming back from vacation in 2008 to see the massive flood going in the Cedar Rapids, and watch her and her co-anchor at the time, Bruce Aune, giving updates about various parts of the flood. They did so in a professional manner, yet, they were slap happy due to a combination of factors because the situation was changing constantly. It’s that kind of reporting that I appreciate, being real in the situation, but allowing that human side to come out.


Her tweet this morning caught my attention:


This tweet screams “growth mindset” because here is someone who’s respected in her given field, again, showing her human side when she’s admitting what she doesn’t know. But not only that, she’s also sharing that there IS learning going on! This such a great example to all of us that learning takes place at all times in our lives. We should expect it to happen, not groan when it shows up.

So that led me to another thought:

If someone who is in the public eye constantly can say, “I don’t know, but I’m learning about it,” why is it so hard for us do it for just ourselves? Why can’t we cut ourselves a little slack that we AREN’T always the smartest person in the room and we DON’T need to carry the burden alone? Plus, if we want to keep learning, we need to keep pushing forward, and sometimes, we need help doing so!


I am the worst at this, because I am terrified of failure, so much so, I’ll freeze up. I have found myself asking more questions, because let’s be honest, at my advanced age of 49, it won’t get any easier.

My point is, keep learning. Keep seeking your truths, where ever they are. If it’s knowing the difference between a stock and bond, great! If it’s knowing how Redstone works in Minecraft (not yet, but closing in), awesome! It’s all about the journey you take to get there and the people you meet along the way.

Thank you, Beth, for allowing me to use your tweet! It was great to find that inspiration to write today from your growth as a person!