Today is my birthday.


I’ve never been a big birthday celebrator because growing up, birthdays were typically a very low key event in our house. Two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (thank you Mom!), a few presents, maybe a phone call from grandparents, but that was usually it. We didn’t have big parties, very rarely had friends over, it was just never something that was a big deal.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve found this idea of the low key birthday flies directly in the face of what many, MANY other people have been doing for years. We always had a big blow out for birthday in college, and my daughters always had great birthday parties with these crazy cakes that my wife would make (I mean she made a manatee cake, who does that??).

Yet, I’ve always been VERY uncomfortable with birthdays because they draw attention to me. I talk a good game, but my introvert game is very strong. Those parties, the “happy birthday, Darin” greetings, all of it makes me very uncomfortable. Not that I don’t mind playing along, but I’d be happy as a clam to get a few presents and enjoy a night out with my wife.

Well, your friend and mine, Covid-19, has screwed that up! A night out is not possible, that’s for sure (even though our Governor has said next week, it’s ok…). I thought this year, I’d get my dream, a quiet birthday. True, I’d be doing school work, but what birthday wouldn’t that be happening??


Anyway, my wife and I stayed up way too late last night watching late shows that are at home (Jimmy Kimmel is an absolute riot). At midnight, I get a text from a happy birthday text from a co-worker. Ok, that’s cute. I get up this morning to another more texts, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. Thankfully, I use the “do not disturb” setting or might have been a bit cranky! Then, phone calls, from people I don’t normally get calls from. And there are cows in my lawn:


I know who set the cow free, but the calls and texts, my wife and daughters are guilty, even without admission. And for that, I am thankful. While attention is not always a favorite, the idea people are thinking positive thoughts will never a bad thing.

Next year’s birthday is a big one. I’ll turn 50, so yes, the day will be crazy. And I guess a birthday deserves a celebration, especially in times like these where people need something to grab onto, a positive in their own mind to focus on. And if my birthday can bring them joy, I’ll take everything they’ll bring.

Next year, maybe not! 🙂