to have in mind as something to be done or brought about; plan:

This virus has been a parade of suckatude on a monumental level. So, my wife and I have decided to do follow “Yoga with Adriene”. She has an amazing YouTube channel with the ability to help all people feel like they can do yoga! We are doing her “30 Months of Yoga with Adriene”. This was day two and the word was “intend”.

This would have been an awesome “One Little Word”, that idea of dealing with having a plan. And my wife and I intend to be more thoughtful and more present both with each other and with the things we do. This yoga series is something we can do together but yet at our own levels. I intend to do more yoga and running too, because I feel better when I get myself moving.

With our school being done until the end of the year, that idea of having that plan, to intend to do something becomes much more important. Both with our students and with each other, we have to become more thoughtful, more present in our interactions.

If we don’t, we’ll end up sitting at home in August because we’ll allow this virus to flare back up again.

This isn’t my best work, but we just got done and I wanted to get these random thoughts written.

Please, find purpose, find a plan, create something you intend to do. It helps so much with that feeling control because it gives you those things. Running, eating healthy, doing those things that you know are right, all are in your power.


What do you intend to do with this time we have away from everyone?