The sun came out today!

For the past week (seems like much longer), the weather has been gray, rainy, cold, windy, and just plain meh. It feels like every since our lockdown began, the weather followed the mood of the country. It’s so hard to be happy when you look outside and see gray, brown, and miserable.

Today, almost the opposite. It was calm, sunny, warm (warmer), and a pleasure to be outdoors. Of course, because it was nice, I had a virtual staff meeting and another Zoom PD that I’d signed up to attend. So, sitting my sunroom, watching the dogs run around, watching the cats sun themselves, and watching the cows out in the field, I was FINALLY jealous of them.

And of course, in the afternoon, I took my camera out and recorded my YouTube update for my sixth graders, showing them my garden area and sharing with them the plan. I weeded a garden with my wife, got my lawnmower out and puttered around, and we got in a two-mile walk.

No, not happy right, but happier, and that’s all I can ask for during this time.