The tweet today said:

Kansas holds on late to beat Iowa 73-70. Kansas will take on Villanova in the Final Four!

The problem was it was from @2020 NCAA Tournament Simulator.


Yup, the most wonderful time of the year, March Madness. But it’s gone, washed away by something unseen, yet, wreaking havoc around us.

This was a year that Iowa was going to make waves. They had the Big Ten Player of Year, Luca Garza. They had a team that was piecemealed together because of injuries, yet, managed above .500 in the toughest basketball conference in the country, the Big Ten. They could have won the Big Ten Tournament, but realistically, they’d have won two games, and earned a #5 seed in the NCAA Tournament. From there, great things. They had Luca Freakin’ Garza!


But, we Hawkeye fans, we are an optimistic bunch. We’ve seen teams come and go, but not like this one. If this team can stay intact, (Garza is a junior and I doubt he’ll jump to the NBA), and we get the injured players back, this will be the best Iowa team since Tom Davis’s team that went to the Elite 8 in 1987.

A lot of “ifs” there, but again, we are optimistic, what else do we have?

And heck, next year, the tweet could read:

Iowa holds on late to beat Kansas. Iowa to the Final Four!

Just like when the Cubs when to and won the World Series, I never thought it could happen in my life time, yet, there’s the banner.

Maybe next year, right? 😢