It’s been a tough day.

I did something stupid and hurt some feelings. My own ignorance in play, again.

So, I dug into the mindfulness stuff again.

First, I came across Mindful Teachers. Inside, there are plenty of resources, things like blogs, posters, self-care activities, and of course a blog! It’s a really interesting resource.

Another resource I came across, Mindfulness in Education. It’s another great collection of mindfulness ideas and activities.

And finally, lots of great apps from Common Sense Media, 34 tools to be exact!

This was part of my personalized professional development this week, and it will continue to be part of this next week. The more I find, the more I read, the more I feel this is a must-have in classroom because, frankly, we are all damaged and have dealt with trauma.

We need to do all we can to get our students in control of their emotions.

Because if we don’t, we can expect more of the same behaviors, escalating.

And if I can use this personally, to help myself NOT do things without being mindful, it serves a double purpose: better humans in the classroom, better human at home.

We can’t go wrong there, right? 🙂