Just a quick blog tonight as we are in between rounds.

No, we aren’t boxing, we are playing trivia. Online trivia! My wife was in a Zoom meeting with her staff today, and the organizer of said trivia invited everyone, so she hopped over to the form and got us registered.


It is. There are 350 participants and over 100 teams playing tonight from all over the country, which is awesome. I’m finding that I’ve gotten older, I really don’t know anything, so I’m just enjoying having drinks with my wife, making up answers!

During our first break, I did my video showing my wife drawing for a book she’s making, the live stream of our trivia, my grades, and talked about finding balance in your life. If this homestay has taught me anything, it’s that we need balance in our lives. Not crabbing at each other about politics, not worrying about things we have no control over, but taking those things that matter, that we can control, and making them work.

So, we are getting our butts kicked, however, that’s ok. We are enjoying each other’s company, getting a few answers right, and LOVING the two guys running the whole thing. One is a teacher and his husband is a goofball. They make a great pair and are exactly what we need right now. Silly, fun, a balance for everything around us.

What is your balance? How are you taking those things you can control and making them work in your lives right now?

We all need it right now!