No, I’m not infected. No, I’m not a carrier. And no, I’m not sick.


However, today, I went to Iowa City to pick up my daughter from college. She’ll be home, go back to Iowa City to work, then, we’ll see. Her college and all Iowa Regent Colleges (our other daughter at Iowa State) will go to online/distance learning for at least two weeks. Almost all of the cases of the Covid-19 are in Johnson County, home of the University of Iowa.


We are working to convince her to stay back here, along with our other daughter simply because both colleges will have a plethora of cases following spring break. One daughter has a friend going to Texas for spring break. Another traveling to Flordia, another to Mexico. All of these kids are not going to practice self-isolation, not going to practice social distancing, and they are not going to pay attention to the virus.


Last night, we attended our Brown Swiss Banquet. We sat side by side with a whole bunch of people, eating family-style, laughing and talking, not worrying about the virus. Today, as I went to Walmart, there were along MANY people moving around in tight groups. No toilet paper, no Clorox wipes, no flour. At Aldi, people were running around crazy! No flour, no fresh things, many many people with no regard to social distancing.


Tonight, many people out and about in Northeast Iowa, very few six feet away from each other in the taproom we went to.

If Covid-19 makes in here, there’s going to be so big issues because right now, we aren’t taking this seriously.