I just about bailed on spin class today.


I ran outside yesterday for the first time in a LONG time, and while was a good run, it was hard. I came back tired and bit discouraged because running on the treadmill is so much different. I can knock out three miles on the treadmill watching The West Wing. Outside, it’s me and my mind.


So today, I woke up sore and tired. I spend the day battling NOT being sore and tired. And at 3:30, we had covid-19 meeting where we discussed “worst-case scenario” things that could happen. Ick.

So I was ready to bail, go home, and stress eat all the ice cream out of the house. But I didn’t. I aimed my car towards the exercise center. When I got there, the treadmills were full, so I put in my earbuds and shot baskets. My wife called, so I was able to talk with her (Ms. Running Late) while I shot.


Side note: I used to mock people with earbuds on the basketball court. Now, it’s no big deal!


Anyway, spin class got started and it just rocked. I didn’t feel the need to push like I normally would, but as I checked my mileage, I was right at my 20 – 22 mph pace. It just felt good to ride out the stress of viruses and grading and obnoxious kids and all the other things on my mind that I have absolutely no control over! I was able to just sweat it all out, come home, eat dinner with my wife, then get a few things ready for tomorrow.

Then, I turned on the TV and Twitter.

I shouldn’t have done that. Bad news piled on bad news.


But that is for a different post!