Last year, our 8th graders (7th graders then) were charged to be the first class on an annual trip to Washington D.C.  They’ve have spent an enormous amount of time and energy fundraising towards this adventure. Pizza cards, concessions stands, garage sales, and a plethora of other smaller funding ideas have lead to this moment in time. They’ll leave Sunday early, spend an amazing week in Washington D.C. and return the following Saturday. Pretty cool in theory, right?



They are busy trying to make Plan A, Plan B, all the way to Plan Z. They are “Team Awesome”, so I have no doubt their plans will come together in amazing ways. I’d write further about this, but it is really not my story to tell at this point.

However, I would comment about the fools out there, buying up toilet paper at an alarming rate. I’d be scared if this were a gastrointestinal virus, but it’s not.


Another comment about the people buying 25 bottles of hand sanitizer at a time. If the world were coming to an end, I still wouldn’t need that much!


Now. while this gets the prepper gene in my DNA all fired up, I’m cautiously watching what’s going on. It would be easy to run out and buy up a whole bunch of stuff just to get ready (like many ignorant dill weeds have done). The problem is, it’s not rational. Watching reports, this virus is serious, no doubt about this fact. Older people and very young people are more likely to have problems.

“But the flu is worse.”

True, but the mortality rate for the flu is less than one percent. For the coronavirus, I’ve seen estimates of 3% to as high at 6% in some locations. The flu kills around 650,000 people worldwide every year. If this same scenario played out, I’ll let you do the math, but the numbers are much, much higher.

Again, be rational. People are going on the media about all the “hysteria” they’ve created. No, they’ve said from the start: Wash. Your. Hand.  Stay. Home. If. You. Are. Sick.

Much of the hysteria is created by us, who take their words run with them. True, all the news is about this virus, and rightfully so. If I’m not taking care to practice good hygiene, I’m not only risking myself, but my family, my parents, and those in my community who are older. Why is this so hard for so many people to understand?

Anyway, both daughters Snapped me today about their respective colleges making plans for online delivery. Good. Spring break is coming, and by gosh, we should go because we deserve it! That’s the mentality that will spread the virus even faster. I applaud the Iowa Regents (I don’t do this much) for being proactive and making sure there are plans in place for WHEN something happens, not if.

As for the rest of us, practice common sense. This isn’t the end of humanity, but stopping and thinking before you purchase that 12th pack of toilet paper or that 24th bottle of Clorox wipes would be great.

Because that person that really needs it, who had elderly parents in their home, or a sick spouse or child, would appreciate you being reasonable.

I know I would! 🙂

In the words one of my favorite principals, Joe Sanfelippo (@@Joe_Sanfelippo):

We’ve got to take care of each other! We’re all in this thing together, man! 

Truer words have never been spoken!