“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we need to talk.”

This is how I started each class today. Not a big deal, but my goodness, we needed to talk.


We’ve had this slow slide of positive behaviors and a slow rise in the negative ones. Nothing overt, but rude comments, late work, a general sense of disrespect both for myself and each other.


So, we had a come to Jesus meeting. We talked about the fact they yes, you had a spring break, it just happened to be in January and February. Yes, we’ll be going until June 5, and no, there’s nothing to you do to avoid it. So, you’ve got a choice: come with a positive attitude or come with a negative one. I’ll be here, smiling, teaching, holding you accountable. We talked about how your attitude, the body language you project, your “non-verbal communication” shows your mood and affect the classroom.


Finally, we talked about what I will be doing to work on our classroom climate. We’ll continue to work with our habits, working to “Be Proactive” with our words, “Beginning with the End in Mind” with our actions, and making sure we “Keep First Things First” when think about what outcome we want when being sassy.

I’ve enjoyed this sixth grade immensely. However, they are a group you need to keep on top. I’ve been sick with a head cold the last few days, and have been off my game. As my strength returns, so does my game. Either way, by next Monday, we’ll have 35 days, like it or not, so let’s get our learning on and get stuff done! What else can we do?? 🙂