What the heck is a writing routine?


I don’t have one, thus, I’m writing about it. Makes sense in my mind, but whatever.

The last few slices, I’ve scraped by, just getting my blog and commenting done before the cut off time and that doesn’t feel good at all. My first half of this year’s slices were clean, timely, and done with plenty of time for comments and finding new writers.

But I’ve slipped into that routine of waiting until the last minute, comments on my followed blogs, and just not feeling good about my writing. The question that’s gone through my own head: What’s changed? And honestly, I’ve got nothing. Last year, my streak of writing was broken because we were in Washington D.C. with our daughter’s band and choir trip. That’s totally legitimate, missing days to be more connected with those around you.

Sidebar: it’s amazing how different things are NOT having a child in high school. I’ve talked about the empty nest thing, but there’s other things too: no weekend drives to swim meet (I loved swimming and miss those meets), no night concerts, no weekend contests. All of those, all with the above mentioned band trip seem a distant memory.

As it were, the only thing that’s changed has been my overall attitude, and not a in a good way. Some tough days, both of my daughters doing some boneheaded things, and some general unhappiness had tainted my attitude.


And that’s what it comes down to: the only one who can change my attitude is me. I can’t rely on anyone else to make that change for me. I’ve not exercised this month like a did in February and that could be a problem too.

Today, I’m back. My blog is done. It makes sense, and I have a bit of a plan going forward. Looking back, I’ve written some really good pieces on parts of my life that I love, which is a very good thing. And I’m commenting on some new to me writers too.

So, my question to you going forward: Do you have a routine? Would you be willing to share me and the other slices?

If so, thank you in advance.