I had this really grouchy, ugly slice ready to go. It’s been a terrible day from about the start of the school day to where we are right now.

However, I read an article about Iowa men’s basketball (go figure) titled “End of Baer era hurts as much as final defeat“. Nicholas Baer went from walk-on at the University of Iowa to six man and the true heartbeat of the team. His heart, his drive, his willingness to do what it took for the team will be sorely missed.

As read this article and the various players who talked about Nicholas, I was struck how similar it was to an article I read on Sunday about the Iowa women’s team (No way!). Hannah Stewart, a senior said:

“I think it’s cool to prove to people that no matter where you’re from as long as you go play basketball, play together and love each other, you can be successful.

“Play together and love each other, you can be successful.”

Why the hell not??

So, as my mood is still pretty sour, it’s becoming better as I write this slice. You all know, it’s about the relationships you create on your teams, whether it be basketball, music, 4-H, or your classroom. I love that with the success of our college teams, these articles come forward, talking about the fact it’s more than the game, it’s about grit, determination, and caring about those around you. This can happen ANYWHERE, not just a court, a field, or a track. Really, anywhere!

So why is it so flipping hard to create this family, this workplace of caring, these classrooms of caring? Why is it so hard for teachers to show they care about their students? Any why is it so hard for students to believe their teachers care about them?

Why can’t we play together, care about each other, and be successful??

All questions I cannot answer. Can you? 🙂