First this, the Iowa Hawkeye Women’s Basketball Team is heading to the Sweet 16! The men’s team almost (damn that word) pulled off the biggest comeback in tournament history, coming from 25 points down to push Tennessee to overtime before finally losing by 6. All and all, it’s been a great weekend to be a Hawkeye.


One thing I want to put there, we had the privilege to be sitting behind the Missouri pep band both Friday and today. What a talented, spirited bunch of musicians! I wanted to post some video here, but alas, I need to upgrade my account! 🙂

We had so much fun watching their antics, and as the kids say, “They were on point!”

Friday, we noticed spring, for the first time. Daffodils, growing my wife’s family’s front garden, the smell of fresh rain and best of all: NO SNOW!

But as we drove back, I was concerned, would spring come to Northeast Iowa?? Well, nothing like the above pictures, but the snow pile off to the side of my garage is almost gone, and it smells like spring. That wet odor that makes you want to dig up some plants or till some soil. I need to get seeds growing!

It’s been a wonderful weekend of family, coming together around a women’s team thats going to show the nation what we know all ready: they have what it takes to make the Final 4!

Now, back to grindstone!