Like I said yesterday, we are in Iowa City to watch the Iowa Women’s Basketball team play two games, which is a pretty cool thing.

We are also down here to drop off our daughter at Iowa.

Right now, we are at my wife’s aunt’s house, watching a game with the volume completely down.


Our trips to Sharon and Charlie’s house is always a unique experience. Next to my parents’ house, I’ve never experienced a place where life just seems to slow down. The rush around of everyday life just seems to evaporate, if only for a day. The whole neighborhood seems to be in this bubble, where time almost (yes, almost) seems to disappear.

They are a bit quirky, as we all are, in how they do certain things, but it’s almost a vacation, because they insist that we don’t do dishes, we don’t cook, that we are just here!

Eventually, this space will disappear and time will find its way back into this little cove. But until that happens, we’ll say a little thank you as we travel north back to real life!