Now, I’m a guy who likes to physically “have” his music, whether I’m purchasing a CD (yes, I know, I’m 80 and like my cds) or purchasing a digital copy, I like to know that the music is “mine”. If I put it on a device that that device is broken, stolen, dropping in a stream of lava (it could happen), then that music isn’t lost forever.


So, when I first got a Spotify account, I was not impressed. Why would I want music I couldn’t own? What good does that do me? Well, I guess I got my account when Spotify was beta-testing or something, but I jumped on a couple of nights ago, and whoa!!


The playlists alone to make me come back. So many songs, so many moods to choose from. If I don’t skip songs, I can listen for hours!

Please, if you are a Spotify user, I’d love to see your lists! My user name is aniowateacher (real original I know), so look me up and if you don’t mind, follow me!

And I’ll leave you with this: it’s been since the second week of January that we’ve had a true full week of school, with no late starts or early outs. This week will only add to that streak, we are two hours late for tomorrow morning.