First, Spotify! Who knew? I knew I was old, but dang?? I’m listening to “one hit wonders” with “House Music 2019” saved to listen to later on. Good grief! If you’ve got a playlist, I’d love to listen to it! Mine will be old school rock, rap, r-n-b, and goofy stuff. Just one more thing for the to do list!

Anyway, today, I’m talking up my wife. Now, we have an anniversary in March, so I’m not writing a lot, but this just floored me. Last night, she said she was making “chocolate butterflies” to which I just nodded, not really knowing what the heck she was talking about.


My brother’s birthday was yesterday, so I called and talked to him while she worked her magic. As I walked into the kitchen, I found this random design on wax paper (I ate that one), but really didn’t think much of it. As we were getting ready to go to bed, she pulls out this piece of wax paper from the fridge:





I was just floored how cool this was. She was really sheepish telling me how she simply drew the butterfly on the wax paper, melted chocolate almond bark, put into a bag, and away she went! She made a half dozen of these along with a cow and a cow head. We have a Brown Swiss banquet on Friday night, and we need an auction item, so we are making a cheesecake decorated with butterflies and cows!

My wife is so creative this way, and she just blows it off as it’s no big deal! Just makes me smile with this nonsense because if I tried to do this, it would be a dang blob! Anyway, hug your husband/wife/significant other tonight and thank them for the great things they do!

I know I will! 🙂