Today’s slice is just tiring for me.

Sundays are meant for this.

We had the alarm set to go to church, but shut it off and went back to bed. We’ve struggled with church a lot lately. I was up way too early this morning, and wrote three different blogs about why I’m so frustrated with the United Methodist Church, but each seemed superficial and chatty. The church has made a giant mess of things, and it’s not a thing that will go away, not for years.


Today, I got up, made coffee and watched CBS Sunday morning. I washed dishes, I cleaned the kitchen, I finished the first of the Magnus Chase books (an excellent book), did some grading/planning, and watched some Netflix. It’s zero degrees, the wind chill is somewhere in the neighborhood of -15 to -25 degrees below zero, so outside is a big no go!

Tonight, a run, a little bit of supper, then more grading and planning for *gasp* five whole days of school. The next couple of weekends are going to be crazy, so it was good for us to just hang out here. There will be time to get out of the house, I promise! 🙂