Yup, today is my comp day, after 13 snow days! Ugh! Our district leadership thought it would be too late to change this to a contact day, so I am left with ANOTHER day off. An 8th grade teacher hadn’t made plans for today: “What do you do after the umpteenth day off, with your husband at work?? And I DON’T want to go shopping! So, what are you doing?”

I’m going to a TK classroom. My wife teaches transitional kindergarten in a different district, so today, I’m with the little people. I walked in (they are at PE right now) and almost immediately, someone comes up and starts showing me their 100 day pizza book they made.


I’ve heard so many awesome stories about this classroom and the cool things they do, that I had to meet them in person. As I’ve been introduced to other teachers, they are giving me funny looks saying, “You have a day off and you made the decision to come here??”


I love my wife and I love that she’s settled in being an early childhood/elementary teacher. So I want to support her and I can think of nothing better than a visit to her work home. I may regret this later, but hey, I get my sixth graders back on Monday, and I can savor their obnoxious personalities.

For a little while at least! 🙂