Well, it’s Tuesday, Slice of Life day. The problem is, this blog was started on Friday.


I read somewhere that to make your blog better, you have to blog every day. Well, if I can keep this Tuesday – Friday schedule, I’m feeling really good about myself. However, I’ve been POOR at keeping this schedule, thus, it’s killing me Smalls!!


We are snow day number nine. Yes, nine days have been impacted since Christmas break. Heck, since mid-January. Our last day as of right now is June 7th. I’m guessing, since we had a snow day in April last year, this is not our last day either.


My brain is mush, so today, five random things I’ve been thinking about:


  1. Guns and Roses’s Appetite for Destruction CD seems to get better with age. My brother “gifted” this to me, and I put it into my car last week. You know, that album just flat out rocks. I’d forgotten just how good this group was back in the day, before fame, drugs, and egos tore them to pieces. Slash (guitar player) is out there still making money, but the rest of the group, I’m just not sure.
  2. Last week, I received an email from Lindsay Wilson, co-founder of Positive Performance, and she told me to “be unproductive”. Heck yes, I thought, because we are on snow day number 9 and one can only watch Netflix so often. But then, she went into  how life had been unproductive for her due to snow days and head colds, but that she trusted her process, how life can’t be productive all the time, and how it was watching her daughters play in the snow was “pretty freaking awesome”. My take away, you can be awesome and have off days, that’s ok.
  3. My students are having huge issues with the snow. They’ve been rude, disrespectful, and just plain mean. Tomorrow, classroom expectations will be reviewed for the simple fact, it’s like we’ve not come back from Christmas break.
  4. We are participating in a month long “Iron Man Challenge”. We are running 26.2 miles, biking 112 miles, and swimming 2.2. We have a treadmill in the basement, but the biking and swimming are killing us, not because we are terrible swimmers or bikers, but because, with a snow storm every other day, it’s hard to get to the gym! It’s a 15 minute drive from our place and it’s hard to get both of us there in the morning.
  5. As I’m correcting late work, I’m amazed at how much late assignments I have. I’ve cut what I do for homework by probably 2/3 at least. We do our formative and summative assessments in class. Students rarely have to take things home, we’ve extended our class time, and we are still having work turned in late. Why? Why the lack of grit in getting through hard tasks? Why the lack of perseverance in getting tasks done? Why, when one student (who shouldn’t have had his cell phone), texted his father, did dad show up and take him home? How can we instill this without students going “this again?”

Anyway, it’s after 10:00 P.M., we stand a real chance of hitting double digits with missed school tomorrow, and I’m cranky, so I’ll leave you with my spirit animal, Lucy Van Pelt: