I threw this down on Facebook on Sunday night about my basketball team. We played our last three games of the season on Saturday, and it was hard to say goodbye to this season and this team. It’s been a roller coaster, but they kept getting better. Sometimes in microscopic steps forward, but they were steps forward. We had a different girl step up big in each game, which is another big deal for me, because that wasn’t typically the case with this team. Anyway, this is a true passion of mine, yet, it’s good to let it go for a few months as well.

Like the title says: I Just Can’t Quit….


All this talk of the Super Bowl reminds me of my favorite sport: basketball!

Our 8th grade team finished up their season yesterday, getting second place in a tournament held in Calmar. All in all, we’ve had our ups and downs this season, but what I told the girls, you’ve come together as a team like very few I’ve ever coached. They were a group of talented pieces, and over the course of five months, have worked on becoming cohesive. I wish I could say they always played this way, but during yesterday’s games, I saw more of this than during any time during the season. We played a tough team, a team who beat us by 35 during our regular season. We lost by 9. We played another tough team, a team who beat us twice this season. We won by 9. We played in one of the ugliest games I’ve been part of (half time score, 6 – 4). We won by 2, grinding thru poor shooting, lack of rebounds, and just flat-out being tired in our last game, but finding a way to win like great teams do.

These girls laughed, cried, fought, and acted like sisters, which is all I could ask for as a coach. They cared, and that says a lot about their character.

This team had an awesome group of parents who were always supportive of their daughters, who spend their time and money to be at the games. I never heard a negative word (except for refs) and if there were ever any issues, they let their daughters come to me. Each of them has my gratitude for simply being there for their daughters.

I also wanted to thank our parent rep for our club for doing a great job communicating with both myself and parents. If there was ever a question, he was there with an email or text, and once there was a solution, an email was sent, either by himself or his wife (who deserves a thank you as well).

And finally, one cannot forget the coach’s wife! She has put up with this nonsense for a lot of years, most of the them without complaint. 😃She’s willing to listen when I come from a crappy game and celebrate with me after a great victory. She’s always able to put things into perspective, which is one of many qualities that I love about her.

If you’ve read this far, why?? 🙂 All in all, a great season with many reasons to be thankful! ❤️